Why Do I Hate Linux ?

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Justifying why Linux SUCKS….

I was playing with GNU/Linux for a while and being a negative minded  jerk I found some very disgusting features of GNU/Linux which fortunately are absent on my dumb windows machine.Here are some reasons satisfactory enough to convince me to hate Linux OS. 

Way too stable
                      After trying for a much longer time I could not manage to crash my system. Well a system which is used by giant companies like Google and Facebook due to its time tested reliability and stability is a big headache for me. I am so happy with the pleasing messages saying “Windows Crashed” or blah..blah that I can’t stand with such a highly stable system. I have to hate it.

Lack of viruses
                       This is the thing which I hate most in my Linux machine, there is no virus. Can you believe it ?? How on planet Earth can I live without viruses crawling through my system bringing its performance to knees and sending my confidential information over Internet. It is impossible for me to
live without paying antivirus companies a hundred bucks to keep viruses away from my computer.

Too much secure
                        Having no viruses was still digestible but the security level is intolerable. Since almost all computers on earth are on a network (Internet most probably), an insecure system is everyone’s dream. We all love to have a system which even a noob

Cracker (bad Hacker)  can crack into. Having a secure system like Linux is a nightmare for me.

Too many distros to chose from
                        Choice is a bad thing, and it applies to Operating Systems as well. Availability of so many linux distros available (about 323) for everyone’s different taste and need, make it impossible for me to go with it. I am so obsessed with the “One Size Fits All” philosophy of Windows that I am bound to hate Linux.

Loads of Trusted applications
                          Being an Open Source Operating system, most of software available are Open source and hence are verified by the community to be trustworthy and trojen/virus free. But why should I go with them ? I am so used of the windows applications which install backdoors and trojens on my system that I can’t even dream of a secure operating system. And the loads of applications come inbuilt with  linux distros are worst, I love wasting time buying/installing software.

Too good looks
                       Eye catching candy looks of Linux are so good that I spend all my time playing with them , so when to work???? Disgusting looks of windows (including Windows 7) motivate me to remain focused on my work. And the so user friendly work-space of Linux make me complete work too earlier.

Too much Customizable
                      It is possible to customize almost everything in Linux, graphics, services, file managers and even the kernel itself. Isn’t it a crazy thing? I love when Windows stop me from even touching the interface or get crashed if I touch system files (try changing the desktop of windows(not theme)).

Hardware independence
                     Linux runs on a huge variety of hardware. When I have an Operating system (Windows) which is only for my PC (and don’t work very well on that even), how can I like Linux, which goes beyond all the horizons to work on multiple platforms and computer architectures reliably, safely and at high speed ?

The Community Thing
                      The most important thing I hate about Linux is the community built around it. If you have any problem with any function in Linux, just ask the community for solution, they are more than happy to help you and take you out of trouble. My Sherlock Holmes instinct smells something suspicious about such a helpful community support, so I prefer going with Windows which bring me into long harassing procedures if I am into some serious problem.

The Cost Issue
                       The most important issue I have left for the end. The cost I have to pay for Linux, it is FREE and so are most of software working on it. When I have expensive Operating systems and even more expensive software to run on it, why on Earth will I go with Linux.

Ispite of having so many cons, I still use GNU/Linux, know why ?
…….because I am smart.
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